Automated spray systems

If repetitive coating applications are causing quality control issues and high volumes of material waste, then automation may be the solution.

Switching to an automated paint system creates competitive advantages, such as reduced labour cost, less material waste and increased environmental safety. For example, you can ensure spray application is limited to the target item instead of the entire spray booth.  

Automated spray systems are a significant investment, Junair includes a detailed plan for maximising the return on that spend. This is imperative and something our specialists are happy to help with.

Automated Control systems

As part of our automation solutions we also have a range of automated control systems for our equipment. 

Junair eSystem is a push button Siemens PLC control system offering a straightforward method of operating the spray booth.

Junair iSystem³ is an easy-to-use programmable touch screen Siemens PLC and features pre-set time and temperature curves and auto balance.

Remote Diagnostic Upgrade The Junair iSystem³ has integrated web server functionality, enabling remote diagnostics. In the event of a fault, Junair engineers can remotely interrogate the control system, diagnose, and if required change settings without an engineer attending the site.

Data Logging  is an option for either control system, allowing key technical and operational information to be recorded. Temperature and humidity data is collected every ten seconds for each individual process and is stored locally via USB or through a customer network.  

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