Drying & Curing

Junair have developed a comprehensive range of cure ovens which can be custom designed to suit every process in the surface finishing industry. 

Manufactured to Junair’s typical high standards and offering energy efficient drying and curing, Junair’s ovens are the best in leading technology. Find out more about them below and get in touch with our team today to discuss your options.

Low Temperature Cure Oven

Our low temperature ovens operate at very low relative humidity, typically less than 10%, to achieve rapid curing for water-based coatings. This makes them excellent for sensitive timber products.

High Temperature Cure Oven

Operating at a temperature range of 40°C – 300°C, our high temperature cure ovens are ideal for wet and powder batch production coatings. Sized to suit the customer application, our ovens are heated either by direct gas, indirect gas or electric elements. 

Access to the high temperature cure oven is via hinged or sliding doors and the oven is supplied with fully balanced airflow with filtered airflow options.

Infra-Red Cure Oven

At Junair we now offer two different types of Infra-Red Cure Ovens depending on your needs. Our cure ovens can use gas catalytic or electric infra-red cure technology. 

Our infra-red ovens can cure paints up to 50-70% faster than a conventional oven. This not only significantly improves productivity but also offers energy savings of up to 50%.  Full PLC multi-zone control allows specific heat profiles to be set within the oven which gives you more control over the finished product.


QADS are Junair’s signature auxiliary air movement system. It works by delivering airflow from each corner of the spray booth cabin, disturbing the laminar airflow which in turn speeds up the drying times of solvent and water-based paints. 

Junair’s QADS enable a faster flash off and curing time, meaning the overall paint process is up to 35% faster. It is automatic and designed to reduce the need for fast activators. It saves up to 40% on energy costs and protects the environment by filtering around 10 microns.

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