SMART Repair Spraybooths

Our range of smart repair equipment has been developed to offer a fast, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution for cosmetic repairs and priming.

Historically, repairs were carried out in spray booths, taking up valuable production time; Junair smart repair equipment allows small paint repairs where space is at a premium. 

All equipment featured is designed to be compact, this makes carrying out small repairs more convenient. Find out more about our smart technology below:


Junair’s SMARTair is a mobile painting system that is ideal for paint repairs without using a conventional spray booth.

SMARTair features a unique hood and masking design. The masking is quickly and easily folded over the hood, creating an enclosure. When the extraction system is switched on, air is funnelled into the aperture, creating a flow of air into the SMARTair hood. This captures and disperses paint overspray and fumes, protecting the working environment.

SMARTair has a 2-stage filtration system and particulate emission levels below 10mg/m², meeting emissions regulations. It complies with Health & Safety directives and in independent tests, provided a Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) 74% below the maximum allowed by the HSE.

Key Features

  • Ideal for priming in the workshop
  • Frees up the spray booth for higher value jobs
  • Occupies minimal floor space and is quick to install
  • Cuts down time moving and masking vehicles
  • Complies with Environmental and HSE legislation
  • Designed to work with compliant coatings
  • Safe and fully compliant

Overhead SMARTair utilises the basic principles of our standard SMARTair but with the added benefit of being mounted above the working area so that there are no trailing hoses or stands to move around, freeing up additional space and making it more versatile in reaching difficult areas in a spray booth.


SMARTcabin is ideal for primer application and to carry out small cosmetic repairs. It is also an ideal area to paint wheels and small parts. SmartCabin is half the size of a normal spray booth and is very economical to run.


The SMARTstation is a compact solution for paint storage, paint mixing and gun cleaning. The SMARTstation is ideal for those with limited space in the workshop and are unable to install a complete paint mixing room.

With such a small footprint measuring only 1200mm (W) x 1895mm (H) x 650mm (D) the SMARTstation packs many features in one compact solution.

Rapid Repair Booth

The Rapid Repair Booth allows small repairs to be completed without moving the vehicle. The facility is suitable for preparation, priming and top coating. It is available as a single or double bay cabin and heated or unheated.

The rear of the spray booth is fitted with cupboards that can store the materials and equipment required to complete small repairs including a masking dispenser.

Mechanical and electrical services are integrated into the cabin including compressed air, dust extraction, 3ph and 240V electrical sockets.

Parts Preparation Bench

Ideal for the preparation of parts prior to painting. The ventilation and filtration system captures the dust particles at source and reduces contamination of the working environment. Optional rollers for product handling or an angled top are available for ease of use.

Mobile Infrared Curing Unit

A range of high-quality single and three phase infra-red curing unit designed for curing primer and top-coats. The slim line design makes the unit easy to manoeuvre and position. The electronic control system has an automatic distance sensor, panel temperature control, ramp-up time and cure time. The lamps are also secured to the stand using robust fixings.

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