Our Spray Booth Features

Our spray booths are fully customizable, integrating some of the most innovative features available in the market. Doors and window sets, lighting and extraction options are just some of the features that can be developed to suit your specific requirements.

If there is something specific that you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Junair offer a variety of spray booth door options, from single and 2-leaf glazed doors providing an opening of up to 2,650mm wide with larger 3 and 4-leaf door sets are also available offering an increased door opening to aid getting products in and out of the booth. Corner doors and sliding doors can also be installed where space is premium.


Large horizontal and vertical windows can be specified on Junair equipment including spray booths and paint mixing rooms, improving the working environment with an increase in natural light.


We have stepped away from the use of fluorescent light tubes since LEDs offer a better colour and brightness over a longer period. Junair lighting creates a bright, clean light that replicates natural daylight offering full coverage throughout, minimising shadow areas.


QADs is an advanced auxiliary air movement system that delivers airflow from each corner of the spray booth cabin, saving time, energy and money on paint drying and curing. The system is designed for use with coatings that comply with current legislation.

Variable Speed Drives & Fuel Saver 

Variable Speed Drives and Fuel Saver are now standard on Junair air handling plants. Automatic in operation they recirculate the air and adjust the motor speeds for standby mode and flash off cycles, increasing speed for bake cycle and full speed when spraying. Combined they achieve savings of up to 70% on energy costs.

Extraction Options

Your facility and chosen spray booth can all have an impact on the extraction method we use. Read about the various extraction options here and speak to a member of our team about your project and we will help you choose the right solution for your needs.

Filter Options

Junair Spray Booths come with PolyMat EX Filters fitted as standard. They are a long life extract filter lasting up to 60% longer than traditional filters, giving you more time between filter changes and reduced maintenance costs. We can provide alternative filters on request. 

Process Management 

Mode indicator lights provide staff with a visual status of the current operating mode of the spray booth, improving workflow and production. Different coloured lights indicate idle, spray, flash off, bake, job complete.

HSE Features 

Health, safety and environmental factors are accounted for with our mist clearance, fire alarm strobe and emergency lighting, ensuring your booth operates with the adequate safety measures in place. Read more about them here.

Side Loading System / Skate and Rails

Bodyshops often utilise transfer systems, a vehicle is placed on lightweight aluminium skates and manually moved along rails from one area and process to the next, and if needed inside Junair equipment. Skate and rail systems can be surface mounted or installed flush to the building floor. 

Compressed Air Filter Regulator

Three stage filter regulators are used to provide the best quality compressed air for spraying and breathing.

Stage 1 – Removes particles to 5μm

Stage 2 – Removes liquids and solids down to 0.01μm

Stage 3 – Removes oil mist carry-over to 0.003 ppm

The regulator can be housed inside the spray booth wall if required. 


Junair can design and manufacture equipment intended for external use. Roof options include pitched with steel profile sheeting and high-level side cladding or a flat roof with rubberised coating. Walls and roof can be finished in a range of colours to suit existing structures.

Access platforms

Junair work closely with a leading supplier to supply and install access platforms, facilitating faster, safer, and easier means of working with larger vehicles and equipment. They offer an improved range of motion, carry a variety of load types and as a safe alternative to ladders and scaffolds, they can be retrofitted into most spray booths. 

In booth Product lifts

Electro-hydraulic or pneumatic spray booth lifts can be supplied as part of the spray booth floor construction. Recessed to fit flush with the floor grids, the lifting capacity is up to 4 tonnes, and height of up to 1000mm.

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