Preparation Booths

Preparation Booths are an enclosed area for preparing components prior to painting, e.g. trimming, sanding, masking and detail work. 

They are designed and manufactured to your specification and to suit the process being carried out.

Constructed from white or stainless-steel single skin or insulated panelling with LED lighting as standard, they can be customised with background ventilation, viewing windows and roller shutter doors, amongst other options detailed below.

Shot Blast

Our integrated shot blasting products complement our range of paint finishing equipment and are designed to suit your surface finishing requirements.

Our shot blasting equipment:

  • Blast rooms, rubber lined
  • Manual and automatic blast systems
  • Dust extraction systems
  • Recovery systems to include vacuum recovery, elevator recovery, screw floor recovery, scraper floor recovery
  • Integrated material handling systems such as rails and floor tracks


Are you looking for a newly built pre-treatment plant or modify an existing one? Junair can help. 

Our pre-treatment plant equipment includes:

  • Spray and Dip immersions
  • Online spray
  • Static spray with multi-stage treatment in a singular wash chamber
  • De-rust systems
  • Passive additions
  • Detergent or Power wash for cleaning and degreasing
  • Acidic etch and chrome free conversion coatings for aluminium
  • Iron or Zirconium Phosphate systems

CO2 Cleaning

Designed specifically for delicate surfaces, COsnow cleaning provides a gentle method of cleaning and sanitising parts without causing surface defects. 

CO2 Cleaning allows for:

  • Faster process times
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly

Dust Containment

Dust containment booths can be supplied with local on-tool extraction utilising high power vacuum dust extraction systems.  General extraction for the cabin is through the floor or side wall filter chests comprising of high efficiency filter sets.  Heated air replacement systems can be provided, typically gas fired with modulating heat input. 

Junair can provide roof hung energy modules or wall mounted connections for dust extraction, compressed air and local electrical power (415V, 240V, 110V and 24V). 

Dust Extraction

Whether you require a mobile dust extraction unit or a high power centralised turbine for at source extraction system, Junair can help. Extraction point options include Y-Pipes or integrated energy modules complete with electric sockets and regulated compressed air.  Each benefit from efficient dust removal each time any tools are used, reducing contamination, and increasing productivity.

If you have a new project that you would like some help with, call us on +44 1706 363 555 to speak to a member of our team about your requirements. We will take you through our project process step-by-step, whether you are redeveloping an existing site or building a new facility, Junair can help.