Powder coating systems

Junair are the UK’s leading supplier of finishing plant systems,  providing unrivalled quality in all aspects of the finishing industry. Each facility is custom built to client’s specifications and has excellence designed in from the beginning.  With a focus on continuous quality, reliability and control. Junair can optimise the material handling process within your paint facility with the use of conveyor systems, skates & rails and turntables.


Achieving the perfect finish must start at the beginning.  That is why Junair provide a full range of pre-treatment equipment for our powder coating facilities.  If you are looking for a specific salt-spray requirement, or your need to meet the stringent Qualicoat regulations then we have the preparation systems to suit. 

These include but are not limited to:

  • Conveyorised multi-stage online spray pre-treatment
  • Static multi-stage online spray pre-treatment
  • Immersion dip pre-treatment tanks
  • Shotblasting facilities
  • De-rust
  • Power wash

Drying Ovens and Powder Curing Ovens

Junair ovens are built to the same exacting standards as our world-famous automotive and industrial finishing booths.  Manufactured from self-supporting, densely insulated, structural panels. our ovens are available in white or stainless finish with stainless steel surrounds to the entry and exit points to prevent scorching. 

Available in any size to suit process requirements and facility capacity, the are available, from 40°C to 300°C as standard. With direct/indirect gas or electric options to suit. 

All ovens can be built to suit overhead, floor mounted, or belt conveyors.  Where High efficiency air-seal systems provide continuous access, whilst minimising heat-loss and energy usage.

Powder Coating Box Ovens

Typically used for small batch or outsized requirements Junair powder coating box ovens are generally as described above, with the addition of double door access to the front and where required to the rear. Again, they can be built to any size, fuel, or temperature requirements. 

Standard ovens are available along with AMS2750 ovens for aerospace applications, and ATEX rated ovens for designated processes.

Powder Application Booths

Junair manufacture their own range of powder coating application booths for any production requirements.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Walk-in open fronted booths
  • Manual down draft booths
  • Dual operator conveyorised booths

Each booth is constructed from white or stainless steel, single skin or insulated panels.  With the supply of fire-detection and suppression where required.  With options for colour change or spray to waste to suit any application.

Conveyor Systems

Each powder coating plant is designed with the clients finishing and factory layout requirements in mind. This is done with Junair’s many years of experience in providing specialised, top of the range conveyor systems. 

These can and have included:

  • Manual overhead conveyor line
  • Powered monorail conveyor systems
  • Floor mounted conveyors
  • Powered and manual for cassette type and monorail
  • Overhead gantry cranes
  • Power and Free systems with load requirements up to several tonnes

Control Systems

Junair Powder coating systems are all provided with our in-house control systems, and can include such features as;

  • No part, no spray
  • Reduce energy usage during break times, with auto start up
  • Electronic water level monitoring
  • Production tracking and fault finding
  • Ethernet connection for remote upgrades and diagnostics

If you have a new project that you would like some help with, call us on +44 1706 363 555 to speak to a member of our team about your requirements. We will take you through our project process step-by-step, whether you are redeveloping an existing site or building a new facility, Junair can help.