Wheel Equipment 

As part of our body shop catalogue, Junair can supply a range of equipment to support wheel painting and wheel repair. These body shop tools are a great addition to any workshop to assist in your automotive manufacturing and repair. 

Below you can find our range of wheel equipment so keep reading to learn more and make sure to get in touch with us if you have any queries. Our range of wheel equipment includes:

Our range includes:

  • WheelCabin (Heated & Unheated)
  • Preparation Bench
  • WheelBlast
  • WheelWash
  • WheelRack
  • WheelBake


The Junair WheelCabin is designed and installed to meet the requirements of Health and Safety guidance notes HSG261, the Environmental Protection Act PG6/34 (11) and Fire authority recommendations. Junair WheelCabin is available heated or unheated and is ideal for cosmetic wheel repairs, painting off-car panels and bumpers. Its compact size makes it easy to fit into most building layouts. 

Learn more about our heated and unheated WheelCabins below and if you are looking to add this to your body shop equipment, contact us for more information.

Heated WheelCabin

Self-contained wheel painting booth, nominal dimensions 3600mm wide x 2300mm working depth x 2500mm high. The unit is free standing with its own fan, input filters, LED lights and glazed entrance door 1000mm wide. Direct Gas Fired input plant is standard, with full recirculation on bake and full function control panel.

Un-Heated WheelCabin

Self-contained wheel painting booth, nominal dimensions 2300mm wide x 2230mm working depth x 2500mm high. The unit is free standing with its own fan (4000m³/hr.), LED lights, input filters, and glass front door 1100mm wide & glazed fixed front panel.

Ventilated Preparation Bench

Ideal for the preparation of wheels and parts prior to painting. The ventilation and filtration system captures the dust particles at source and reduces contamination of the working environment.

Optional rollers for product handling or an angled top (shown) are available for ease of use. 


Junair offer a range of wheel blasting equipment. From dry blast – suction fed and dry blast – pressure fed to water blast machines. All designed to provide a safe and efficient means of surface preparation and finishing in a well lit, sealed enclosure. 

WheelWash – Automatic Blasting System

WheelWasher is a computer controlled, fully automatic system which blasts a pressurised mixture of water and granulate onto a rotating wheel. It operates as a self-contained system and can be installed almost anywhere in a work space. The machine does not require a drainage system or water supply (however for maintenance purposes a nearby tap is beneficial).


Junair’s WheelRack is the ideal work bench for preparing alloy wheels. The mobile bench can be easily moved around the workshop making it a must have product for any alloy wheel repair facility.


The WheelBake is a purpose-built convection oven for curing topcoat on painted wheels. This fan convection oven operates up to 80°C and can cure two wheels at a time (with or without tyres). The operative can set the temperature and curing time and the Wheel Bake will automatically stop once time has elapsed.

Tyre Changer and Wheel Balancer 

A great addition to the wheel equipment in your facility is a tyre changer and a car tyre balancer. This is a low-cost solution for wheel repairs where tyres need to be taken off the rim or removed from the wheel completely. 

The automatic tyre changer provides a truly, heavy duty machine that is designed to stand up to continuous intensive use. If you’re looking for more bodyshop tools to support your tyre equipment, we also have a range of lifts and jigs.

Choose Junair for your Wheel Equipment 

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