Water Wash Spray Booths

The first stage is a high flow vertical water curtain, the remaining overspray passes through high efficiency bin scrubbers and finally a two-stage water/mist eliminator is used to remove excess moisture from the exhaust air stream.

For a more advanced and high-volume design, a sludge removal system can be added. This system incorporates high-capacity recirculated water, allowing increased flow to the scrubbing nozzles, whilst minimising the volume of water in the system. This proven system ensures no paint drop out in the spray booth, minimising maintenance downtime and maximising cleanliness.

Manufactured from stainless steel, our range of water wash spray booths are ideal for high volume paint application and include a three-stage particulate capture system.

Water wash spray booth options include:

  • Available as a standalone open fronted or fully enclosed
  • Conveyor application spray booths
  • Automatic application spray booths for robotic, reciprocator or fixed guns
  • Air replacement systems including heating (gas, oil, electric or steam), humidity control and cooling
  • Standalone spray booths designed for paint sinking (floating can also be incorporated if required)
  • Sloping floor, for use with high production spray booths with sludge systems
  • Supplied with an extended front tray to allow painting over water or supplied as a downdraft spray booth with floor excavation or raised base.

Sludge Removal Systems

The sludge removal system works with both solvent and water-based coatings and can be retro installed to existing spray booth facilities. 

The system is fully automated, manufactured from stainless steel and allows continuous cleaning and recycling of the booth water.

Download our data sheet on Sludge Removal Systems.

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