Paint Mixing, Gun Cleaning and Paint Storage

The paint mixing room is an enclosed facility for preparing paint prior to application. Available in a range of sizes and specifications, they include cross flow ventilation from floor and bench level and LED lighting. 

Low VOC Spray Gun Cleaners and Solvent Recovery can also be incorporated. 

Paint Storage Rooms require a higher fire rating of 60 minutes and are constructed differently with safety in mind. Bunding, ventilation and lighting are included as standard. 

Junair paint mixing, gun cleaning and paint storage rooms all meet HSE regulations, they provide a safe working environment for operators and a robust, secure area for the storage of paints.

Mixing Room Options

As well as the equipment listed above we also have a range of options available for your paint mixing room. These include:

Mixing Bench Stainless

Mixing benches are manufactured to order, and if required, can include rear splash backs and high and low-level cupboards.

Junair Ventilated Mixing Bench

Reduces paint fumes by capturing them at the source; the stainless-steel bench is connected to the paint mixing room ventilation system.

Test Card Spray-Out Unit

Enables small test card panels to be painted, complete with dedicated extraction for independent operation.

Stainless Steel Lining

For easier maintenance, the internal walls of paint mixing and gun cleaning rooms can be lined in stainless steel.

Gridded Floor

Anti-slip, galvanised grids are set within steel trays to contain any paint spillages and preserve a clean environment. Grids can be lifted for maintenance purposes.

Temperature Control

Installation of an ATEX heater or Air Conditioning ensures the temperature is consistent, preventing damage of paints.

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