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Junair are the industry pioneers in regards to any spray booth related products, inventions, accessories or solutions. We are a company that has been deemed as light years ahead of any of our competitors within the industry, due to the innovative designs that we produce and manufacture, we are able to boast many years of experience in the supply and production of spray booths. When choosing Junair for your specific spray booth requirements, you can be assured that you are choosing the finest products, designed by the most outstanding spray booth supply team. We are more than aware that the commitment that we have shown to innovation and cutting edge designs have been totally paramount to the expansion and development of our company, leading to the success that we have experienced. We specialise in designing and manufacturing spray booths for a number of different purposes, we supply spray booths for both the commercial and domestic market aswell as manufacturing industrial spray booths. Due to the all round design flexibility of our spray booths, it allows us to be in the position as to where a spray booth is able to be tailored to suit specific dimension and performance requirements. So whether your spray booth is a automotive spray booth or its being used in commercial or aerospace industries, Junair are able to provide the ideal solution for you and your spray booth needs. Learn more about automotive spraybooths at Junair.

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Junair launch their electrically powered, carbon neutral spray booth

Monday 13th September 2021, Heywood, Lancashire Junair has always been the leading spray booth company when it comes to energy reduction, ultimately saving carbon emissions since 2002. It has won awards for both Junair EcoActive and the Junair 4 Series for energy reduction performance. As part of Junair’s long term commitment to the removal of […]

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How robotics can save a business time and money

Despite a shrinking workforce, industrial manufacturers and aircraft producers have a significant need for faster lead times in order to stay competitive and satisfy operational challenges. They are sometimes pushed to do more with less. Introducing painting robots into your finishing process will save floor space, boost production, and enhance finish quality, all while allowing […]

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The materials and processes used in plane construction

Have you ever wondered what goes into the manufacturing of the Boeing 787 you’re about to jump on for your next holiday across the big pond? Well, allow us to elaborate with our guide to the materials and processes used in plane construction.  At Junair, we provide paint finishing equipment solutions to an array of industries, […]

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