Material Handling

Optimise the material handling process within your paint facility with the use of conveyor systems, skates & rails and turntables.

Ranging from

  • Overhead conveyors
  • Floor conveyors
  • Manual conveyors
  • Specialist conveyors

Take a look at your options below.

Overhead conveyors

Overhead conveyor systems improve the production flow by providing adaptive handling and transfer of products on the production line. 

Ranging from manually operated single line (monorail) conveyors, through to complex power and free systems, we offer specialist systems developed for unit load weights from a few grams to 10,000kg.

All are designed for operating at high efficiencies with minimum maintenance. 

  • Single line powered system or inverted ‘clean-line’ for reduced risk of contamination
  • Power & free ‘fixed grip’ to allow manual and powered sections of track
  • Power and free light, medium and heavy duty for the most flexible solution including accumulation, diversions and lift stations

Floor conveyors

Inverted floor conveyors provide handling solutions which eliminate overhead contamination. 

They range from simple single line to complex power and free systems. 

  • Single line, light duty
  • Single line, heavy duty for continuous operation and movement
  • Power and free to include compact 90 degrees accumulation zones, diversions, and accelerated transfer systems

Manual conveyors

A simple and reliable solution to your material handling problem. Junair manual conveyor is flexible, modular standard system with customised solutions such as powered sections in the conveyor circuit, vertical drop and lift sections and switching / turning gates. 

  • Improves ergonomics at loading points where heavy goods or work-pieces are handled
  • Can be used as a buffer zone or a storage facility between different steps in the production flow
  • Minimises manual handling, with load capacities from a few grams to 10,000kg

Specialist conveyors

Junair can provide a material handling solution to meet most the demanding of needs, including. 

  • Skid conveyors
  • Slat conveyors
  • Roller systems

Skates & Rails

Bodyshops often utilise transfer systems, a vehicle is placed on lightweight aluminium skates and manually moved along rails from one area and process to the next, and if needed inside Junair equipment. Skate and rail systems can be surface mounted or installed flush to the building floor.

If you have a new project that you would like some help with, call us on +44 1706 363 555 to speak to a member of our team about your requirements. We will take you through our project process step-by-step, whether you are redeveloping an existing site or building a new facility, Junair can help.