Which car colour is best for resale value?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that you always see grey cars when you’re out and about, because there’s actually some truth in that. According to a recent survey, in 2018 grey was the colour that most new car buyers bought over any other paint colour. In fact, grey replaced black as the UK’s favourite car colour.

The colour of your car plays a huge role in their value, too. Research by U.S automotive data company iSeeCars shows that the average car depreciated in value by around 30% during the first three years of ownership. Crucially, in that same period orange and yellow cars only lost 22% of their value.

So, what’s it all about? Can something as subjective as colour preference play an objective (and influential) role in resale value? This article aims to find that out.

Which car colour will have the best impact on resale value?

We’re going to split the following sections out by colour, and assess their influence on a car’s resale value.

For maximum resale value, go for sober colours

By ‘sober’ colours, we mean blue, silver, black and (in moderation), white. These simply have the broadest appeal and, when it comes to long-term value, will more or less retain their value if the car were to change hands. Monochrome colours have always been popular, too.

Avoid brighter colours where you can

Because they don’t have such a broad appeal, we recommend that you avoid brighter and more lurid colours if you want to get the maximum value for a car. This also applies to any colours that could be described as obscure; if you go for a colour that is less familiar with people, then you’re effectively excluding huge portions of your potential buyer pool.

If you’re unsure, steer clear of red

Because red has always split opinion, we recommend that you steer clear of a red repaint, especially if you’re unsure and you want to reach maximum resale. Certain shades of red will suit certain cars, while other shades can look a little garish to some.

What about smaller cars?

When it comes to smaller cars (think Volkswagen Polo, SEAT Ibiza, or even the Smart Car), some of the above guidelines don’t apply. With smaller cars, brighter colours tend to sell a little better. It’s not uncommon to see these smaller cars in more unusual and brighter colours (which is why these kinds of cars are often marketed to younger people who favour brighter shades).

What about bigger cars?

With bigger cars (Range Rovers, SUVs and the like), the opposite applies. With cars that have a more imposing, bigger shape, bright colours can be a bit too much for a lot of people. Sober shades of colour can give a car that smart, sophisticated look without making too much noise. You’ll be able to cast your net wider when looking for buyers, too.

How about family and estate cars?

As opposed to smaller cars with brighter paint jobs, cars intended for family use will sell better with more conservative colours. These cars will likely be used for family travel as well as work purposes, so a more mainstream colour will attract a broad spectrum of people with families.

So, what is the best colour for resale?

With the above information in mind, we recommend that you play it safe and go for sober, conservative shades instead of something brighter – particularly if you want to get the maximum resale value.

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