An in-depth look at our training packages

Regardless of how intuitive and easy to use our equipment is, or how much research and development has gone into their design, it’s important that staff operating the equipment are trained in order to achieve the very best results.

We stop at nothing to ensure customers get the most out of our products and offer specialist training so that your operators can work as productively and safely as possible.

Our team works with you in either one-on-one sessions (or as part of a group) to share their technical knowledge. This gives you the skills and confidence to maximise the potential of our products with the advice and guidance from our experts.

Spray booth maintenance and why it is important

Like any piece of machinery that is vital to your business, proper steps need to be taken to maintain its efficiency and condition. Our training program will also teach you how to take care of your spray booth and apply industry-approved maintenance techniques that will not only extend the lifespan of your products, but will also preserve the health of your revenue stream. You want to ensure workflow continues, and to do that your equipment needs to be well maintained.

The importance of spray booth safety

When you’re working with a variety of potentially damaging chemicals and paint fumes, appropriate measures need to be taken to ensure the health and safety of all staff. Your business needs to demonstrate health and safety compliance if not just for the safety and wellbeing of staff, but for the sake of your business too (non-compliance comes with hefty and often grave consequences). Our training packages provide you with ways of practicing approved safety measures as well as information about vital legislations.

What is involved in our training packages?

The aims of our training packages can be split out into four main categories. Together, we think that the sum of these categories amount to a comprehensive and well-rounded understanding of our products and how best to apply them in your workplace. The categories are as follows:


Using our spray booth ovens and related products, the controls system speeds up production times and regulates efficiency so that the machinery works at a steady yet productive pace.

The bulk of our controls training revolves around our eSystem. The eSystem is our basic PLC control panel that relies on operator input instead of solely automatic spray/bake profiles. Because it relies on operator input, the operator needs to be fully trained. The eSystem works with manual input to adjust temperature and time frames accordingly, as well as spray, bake, and QADs functionality. The eSystem also controls booth pressure, with +/- controls to adjust your booth’s air pressure. Suffice to say that it’s really important for your booth operators to understand how our eSystem works.

We also provide full training on the System, our premier PLC control system with full touch screen functionality. Unlike the eSystem, booth pressure can be adjusted automatically on all iSystem control panels and the user has the option of pre-set program settings for the baking of primer and clearcoats. And, unlike the eSystem, booth performance can be closely monitored on-screen where any settings can be adjusted during maintenance and service programs. Through a full colour display the booth operator can identify the particular mode or function their booth is currently in, giving them full control over the process. Again, you’ll want to capitalise on such sophisticated controls and make the most of them. With our controls training, you can do just that.

Maintenance training

Maintenance is another vital part of our training program. You need to be able to reduce the risk of breakdowns and, again, preserve your revenue and the rate of incoming work. When your equipment is running at optimum capacity, you can take on a higher number of jobs. Breakdowns will hold you back and, before long, will start to affect your business’ bottom line.

Among other things, our maintenance training largely focuses on: general spray booth housekeeping (like replacing used filters, hoovering dust and debris from the floor baffle plates and laying new filters properly). We also show you how to clean the QADs doors, maintain their hinges with a specialist non-silicone grease, apply a booth coating to protect the walls from dust and dirt, and keep the glass clean on the light frames and booth doors.

Although the above may sound like mere housekeeping, these kinds of tasks are absolutely vital and must not be taken lightly. Our training gives you the skills to carry out such tasks with confidence. It will be worth it in the long-run.

Product training

Understandably, a thorough knowledge of how the products work is vital and conducive to productive and fault-free processes. We provide informative training sessions on operating our wheel blast cabinets and fully extracted wheel prep benches (all of which is straightforward, it’s more the media and maintenance of the cabinet that is important).

We also provide access platforms for the commercial booths, for which training is widely available. On a more general note, our technical team is available for basic operations training and, should you require, they can give you more specific insight than our instructions manuals.

Cosmetic repair training

Our SMART equipment repair range is so vast that it rightly requires a comprehensive training program to ensure our customers can realise its full potential. Our SmartAir unit (where all your priming and cosmetic repairs are made) is an important part of a body shop and, as such, requires training. We will show you how to mask the area according to industry best practices so that your employees work in a safe and healthy environment.

A little training goes a long way

Our training packages set you up with the knowledge, understanding, and know-how that you need to get the very best out of our products. Whether you prefer to learn one-on-one or as part of a group, you cannot underestimate the value of product training and the understanding of how our products relate to your workplace, and your industry.

If you would like to learn more about our training packages, please call 01706 363 555 or fill in the quick enquiry form. Alternatively, you can email us directly.

In the meantime, keep an eye on our blog. It’s regularly updated, and while you may not learn as much as you would on our training programs, you’ll still find them helpful and informative!

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