What is galvanic corrosion and how help you avoid it

Galvanic corrosion is something that can affect every automotive repair job your spray booth is put through. Galvanic corrosion not only compromises the spray quality: it can eventually undo the whole spray process.

Fortunately, we have the technology to prevent galvanic corrosion from happening altogether. This has the potential to save you money, time, and perhaps even a customer or two.

But first, here’s exactly what galvanic corrosion means for your spray booths.

What is galvanic corrosion?

Galvanic corrosion happens when two dissimilar metals are exposed to an electrolyte and an electrochemical reaction occurs. One of the metals corrodes, while the other is essentially protected. The corroding metal is the ‘node’, while the protected metal is the ‘cathode’.

An example of this, and one that often affects spray booths, is the chemical reaction between aluminum and steel. If aluminium and steel were connected and immersed in water, we would see the aluminum wear away and completely corrode. The steel, however, would be protected.

Here’s another example, and possibly a better one. The Statue of Liberty was originally built in Paris in the 19th century and was moved to New York later. The statue suffered galvanic corrosion damage because its copper exterior reacted with its iron workings. When it rained, the chemical reaction occurred.

How is all this relevant to spray booths?

Here’s the important bit. When you make aluminium collision repairs, you need to work in a contained environment where airborne steel particles cannot compromise the aluminium materials found on a vehicle. It’s not just steel particles, either. Aluminum can be corrupted through contact with zinc, lead, and chrome.

Our solution is our aluminium repair bay, which allows you to carry out repairs in a space that’s free from corrupting contaminants. Our aluminium repair bays work by separating these chemicals, so that effectively you have a ‘non-steel’ room in one place, and items that contain steel in another place. Ultimately, steel is the real villain here and it is on this precedent that our repair bays work.

How you can benefit from an aluminum repair bay

Galvanic corrosion is one of those issues within the spray booth industry that can be completely prevented before it even becomes an issue. However, negligent processes and equipment will lead to any number of corrosive issues, which will hit your business in the long-run. It’ll cost you money, you’ll spend countless hours and resources making unnecessary repairs, and your customer retention rate will suffer.

Because we do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ philosophy, our aluminum repair bays come with a vast range of options and specifications. We can tailor our products according to all Motor Manufacturing requirements, and we can even provide storage cupboards, workbenches and more.

Head over to our sectors hub where you can find more information about aluminium repair bays and our comprehensive range of additional automotive products. We offer everything from body shop lighting to alloy wheel equipment, so be sure to take a look.

In the meantime, you’ll find plenty more resources over on our blog. You can also call 01706 363555 to speak to a member of our team, or email us directly at sales@junair.co.uk.

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