Bespoke Silencers to Lower Noise Pollution

DuctingThe installation of 3 large high specification Junair spray booths, a paint mixing room, a paint store and a shot blast booth is nearly complete for a large marine customer. This brand new state-of-the-art £14m facility will be used to build and repair their fleet of boats. Their vision at the start of the project was to create a centre of engineering excellence in the production and maintenance of their boats.

Two of the three spray booths measures 9m (W) x 20m (L) x 10m (H) and the third measures 7m (W) x 20m (L) x 7.2m (H); due to the size of these spray booths they required large and powerful air handling units. The two bigger spray booths have been fitted with a 70,000m3/hr air handling unit and the smaller spray booth has been fitted with a 50,000m3/hr air handling unit. With such large air handling units combined with the location and nature of the facility a major requirement from the customer was to greatly reduce the noise pollution. Our customer was able to lean upon our vast experience to design a set of bespoke silencers which would be fitted to the spray booth ducting reducing the noise attenuation from 96.7 dBa fan free outlet sound pressure down to 57dBa at the site boundary.

In-House Spray Booth Design and Manufacture

Angus Trenholme, Technical Director, Junair Spraybooths comments: “Throughout the project we have worked closely with our customer to ensure all their requirements have been met. The issue with noise pollution was a major factor; however, we were able to utilise our in-house technical spray booth design and manufacturing team to provide a working solution. The silencers were all comprehensively tested at our factory before being sent out to site. This achievement demonstrates our in-house design and technical capabilities.”

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