F.H. Lambert Benefit From a Junair Spraybooth

F.H. Lambert are an award winning, world-renowned specialist in decorative metal plating and surface coatings. Their work has been featured on some of the finest aircraft interiors ranging in size from the Hawker 125 to the Airbus A380.

Over the past 12 months F.H. Lambert have seen a sharp increase in the amount of jobs passing through their production which have been specified with a lacquer coating. Lacquer coatings are applied to various products to help protect the surfaces and provide a durable finish. Following this increase F.H. Lambert took the decision to upgrade their existing equipment which would allow them to both air dry and oven bake clear coat lacquers.

A New Spraybooth to Increase Production Efficiency

The technical knowledge and attention to detail of the Junair Spraybooths team won the contract. We designed a bespoke solution that worked for F. H. Lambert, who are now experiencing increased efficiency in their production process.

The new paint finishing equipment provides F.H. Lambert the ability to increase their production capacity and reduce the cure times of the lacquer coatings, whilst also dramatically reducing their energy consumption.

The installation included a highly efficient water wash spraybooth, complete with an enclosed working environment with fully filtered and temperature controlled airflow, incorporating a sophisticated filtration system designed to remove dust particles and impurities. The water wash spraybooth has a flooded rear wall to eliminate overspray bounce back, and also allows consistent airflow with efficient scrubbing.

A clean room which runs under positive pressure to eliminate any dust particles and a gas fired cure oven are also included in the facility. The heated intake pressurised fan ensures that the lacquer application is not compromised during the colder months and provides stable working conditions.

By working around the company’s existing equipment and processes, our work had a minimal impact on productivity. As we aim to deliver the highest standards of customer service, F. H. Lambert was given daily updates with regards to the install, allowing them to plan and schedule their workload effectively.

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