Here’s what our fuel saver mode can do for your business

Like all businesses with any number of overheads, you’re likely keen to find new ways to reduce your operational costs and, ultimately, be a little greener in the process. We believe that our spray booths’ sophisticated Fuel Saver mode allows you to do just that, and more.

Here is how your business and your spray booths could benefit from the Fuel Saver mode; a unique application created and patented by the team at Junair Spraybooths.

But first, here’s how the technology works

It’s simple, really. Because we know that the majority of the energy used up by a spray booth goes on heating up external air inside the cabin (it needs to be 22°C), we’ve found a way to conserve energy when nothing is being sprayed – for example, in idle and flash off modes.

Since nothing is being sprayed, the cabin doesn’t require such a precise heat. So, the Fuel Saver mode automatically recirculates the air rather than pumping new heated
air into the cabin. You’ll be happy to hear that Fuel Saver mode requires no operator input and can be left to function on its own.

During those idle times, your spray booth will know when to recirculate the air (essentially putting your cabin on ‘standby’). It will kick back into action as usual as soon as your spray resumes. We’ve also included safety interlocks to guarantee full safety.

Benefits of our Fuel Saver mode

Not only will this reduce your energy costs (thus adding value to your whole business output), there are other benefits to the Fuel Saver modes:

  1. Your business’ carbon footprint will reduce. This is great for the environment, and it’s something that your business can shout about. It’s something to be proud of, for sure.
  2. Your output will be streamlined, as the energy you do use on heating the cabin will be applied straight to the job. No waste, and all gain!
  3. This has a direct and positive impact on profit. By cutting needless costs like a heated cabin while not spraying, your bottom line will feel the benefit.
  4. Optimised processes – your output will be more efficient.
  5. You’ll reduce the regularity of servicing. Like we said, your spray booth will essentially be on standby during idle/flash off periods. More rest time means your spray booth will age better.

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